Anoona and Full Buckle : Comparison

I get a lot of queries from moms about choosing a carrier among Anoona and a Full Buckle. So I have planned this post to give you all a comparison between the two carriers and hope it helps you to decide better while choosing.


I have in general jotted down the comparison for Anoona and Full buckle irrespective of their fabrics. For photos, I have randomly selected Athena Anoona and Sumac Full buckle. Athena is a Linen anoona and Sumac is handoven cotton standard size full Buckle.

For details on Anoona please refer my post here and for full buckle please refer here

Size range:

Anoona is a carrier which can be used from birth to toddlerhood.

Weight range 3.2-20 kg (7-44 lb) approx.


  • Panel base width is adjustable from 7” to 15”
  • Panel height is adjustable from 11” to 16”
  • Body panel width is adjustable from 6.5” to 14.5”

Full buckle comes in two different sizes :


  • Weight range of 7-18 kg (15-40 lb) approx.
  • Seat width :5 inches
  • Body panel height :17 inches


  • Weight range of 11-22 kg (25-50 lb) approx.
  • Seat width : 19 inches
  • Body panel height : 5 inches

So if you go for a full buckle you might need to buy 2 different ones for your babywearing journey. Whereas anoona will be good throughout and hence a better investment that way.


Anoona, as it is a carrier designed to grow along with the child ad hence there are quite some adjustments required to be done according to your baby’s age and weight.

Full buckle are for a specific age group and hence they are already designed to fit the baby accordingly, only adjust the waist straps and back straps and you are all set to go.

A few photos below will help compare various settings of anoona with respect to a full buckle. Anoona mostly has 3 levels of settings, small, medium and large.

Small :  0 to 4months (3.2 – 5 kgs)

For newborn to 4 month old that is until the baby has torso control, waist panels have to be set to the narrowest setting and body panel synched in as required. Neck panel folded and shoulder panel adjusted accordingly.


Medium: 4 to 8 months (4 – 8 kgs)

After the baby has torso control, move the body panel setting to second set of buttons, widen the body panel as required and now you can open the neck panel if required.


Large: 7 months + (8 – 20kgs)

For older babies, put the waist setting to the max, open the body panel fabric and neck support completely.


So adjustment wise, full buckle is easier to use.

Different types of carry:

Anoona offers 5 different ways in which your baby can be carried.

  • Newborn carry : A newborn can be carried in Anoona but not in a full buckle
  • Forward facing : Most used one and common carry in all carriers
  • Back carry : Good for older babies
  • Forward front facing: favorite among babies and I prefer anoona for this feature.
  • Hip carry: Another option that can be explored only in Anoona.

Full buckle offers only two types of carry Forward and Back carry.


Anoona has a detachable hood, very convenient when you don’t really need a hood in your carrier. Also, Anoona has snap buttons for the hood and hence easier to use.

In a full buckle hood is attached, I would prefer if soulslings could introduce detachable hoods in their full buckles too if possible.



Anoona has a pocket on the waist band which proves to be super handy when going out alone with the baby for a short walk. It can hold some cash, keys and a baby napkin.

Full buckle doesn’t have a pocket so when I use it for my walks, I have to carry along another small sling bag to hold my essentials.



Both are pretty compact and take almost equal amount of space in your bag when folded.


My thoughts :

Overall summarizing everything above, if you are looking for a carrier for a 7 months plus baby and need something easy to use then go for a Full Buckle. If you plan to babywear early from the new born stage then go for an Anoona as it will be a better investment.

Personally I prefer a full buckle for the ease of its use.

Link to purchase:

You can check Anoona here

You can different Standard size Full buckle here 

You can check Toddler size Full Buckle  here

Hope you all found this post helpful, do leave a comment and let me know which one do you prefer, Anoona or Full buckle.

See you in another post, until then happy babywearing 🙂

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  1. neatly explained and I have been looking for this comparison since quite some time. I am new to babywearing and exploring various options and luckily I came across your profile and blog through a tag done on a soul group post. Glad I got to read this blog.


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