Baby Carrier Review : Sumac Full Buckle

Hi my lovely readers,

The carrier I am going to review in this post is Soul full Buckle Sumac. Please check this to read my review about Anoona.


Sumac is a carrier which I had been eyeing since its release due to the bright vibrant red and blue colors on it. I have not come across any carrier more beautiful and appealing than Sumac, it was love at first sight to me. So I did not think any further and chose this beautiful carrier when I was asked to choose a carrier for myself from Soul. And I am glad I did, when everyone else chose a linen carrier.

Why did I pick Sumac?


  • Obviously due to its look, the best looking carrier I have come across. The vibrant colors on it just brightens up my day.
  • It is very light weight and gets very compact when folded. Easy to carry around when not in use.
  • It is a no fuss carrier. Full buckles have only one setting unlike anoona and hence they are ready to go and easy to use.
  • It is 100% hand-printed handwoven cotton. It is very breathable and we have used it at extremely hot temperatures and still have been very comfortable. I am yet to try a linen carrier so I cannot compare the breath-ability with linen right now. But I have had no issues with this material so far.
  • It fits very snug, it fits so well just like second skin.
  • It is a comfortable medium weight, any-season carrier whose sturdy twill weave gives it a slight stretch and some bounce as well as a firm grip.
  • It comes with a hood like in all other soul carriers which is very helpful in covering babies while they are asleep or when the sun is too bright.
  • This can be used for both front and back carries.
  • I chose the standard size which has a weight recommendation of 7-18 kg as my baby was in that weight range.



We had carried this along our first international trip with the baby to celebrate her first birthday. It proved to be a boon. My baby is not comfortable in a pram, she had literally roamed around Dubai, explored, fed, slept and played in the carrier throughout. And we in turn attracted a lot of attention due to the carrier 😀

Wash Routine:

Soul recommends to spot clean the carrier when it gets dirty. Otherwise, the carriers are hand and machine washable. Use a mild detergent and shade dry.


Soul carriers have been ergonomically tested and are safe for carrying your little ones. Soul carriers have elastic hoops around the waist and shoulder straps for extra security.


Rs.5750 for standard size.

Link to purchase:

Sumac was a limited edition carrier and hence is sold out in their site. But there is another color of the same range here.

If you want to buy any carrier from their site, do not forget to contact me to get your discount code 🙂

My Thoughts on Sumac:




This is my favorite carrier among all the collection of Soul and I love it to bits 🙂  It is an all season carrier due to its hand oven cotton material. As it is sold out, I can only recommend that you can go for handwoven cotton when  choosing a carrier for extreme hot weather.

Will be back with another post super soon, until then happy babywearing 🙂

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