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You must have seen a variety of bags under ‘Bags’ section of soul website. Let’s talk about them in this post.  I have never been a fan of cloth bags until I tried Soul bags. Here I have described each kind of bags and tried to give an idea what each bag can be used for.

Sling Bags:

Link :Click here

Resembles a bucket bag, with no closure and comes with very broad shoulder straps.

Ok, now this is one kind of a bag which you will wonder, how do I use it? You must have mostly seen this kind of bags on college goers. Even I had used such bags, when I was a college student. It is great to carry books.

How do I use it now? As it is an open bag, I find it very useful to take it along with me to our evenings at the play area. I keep my soul carrier in it, her play items like a ball and her water bottle. This bag is very convenient to dump things and take them out. The broad shoulder strap is also comfortable to carry.


How it looks when carried with all the stuff above.


The other use I can think for this bag is to hang your kid’s toys in their play room. Just lay it in the ground when they want to play, and kids can easily have access to all their toys in it.

Priced at: Rs. 350

Day Bags :

Link : Click here

This is the most popular among soul bags. It is just like your typical handbag with zippered opening, small zippered inner pocket for phone etc but made up of 100% cotton material.

You can use this as a replacement for your regular handbags and carry it almost everywhere be it college, office, outing or as a diaper bag.

I use it as a diaper bag and my sister uses it as an office bag for her clinic.


It is very spacious and can hold pretty much an entire diaper bag content. You can see how much it can hold.


Accessorize the bag with some pretty key chains or pompoms. People are surely going to ask you from where you bought your hand bag 😉

I would say a cloth bag is very appropriate to carry baby stuff. It has happened so many times, that my baby’s food had spilled inside the bag or there were puke accidents. With a cloth bag like this, we can simply put it in a mesh bag and give it a wash in our washing machine and it will again be as good as new. One problem you may face with this is after wash, it will get wrinkled as it is cotton. You can iron soul bags also, it will again look as crisp as a new one 🙂

Priced at :Rs. 1100.

Honestly, I feel their day bags are expensive.

Soul uses sturdy, natural and safe dyed fabrics for carriers, and the same is used for making bags too . Also, the same fabric has been used inside and outside for both cotton and linen day bags and thus making sure the quality is not compromised even on the inside of the bag . I guess that justifies the high cost for daybags.

Tote bags:

Link :Click here

If you want to try any one among the soul bags, I would highly recommend getting these Tote bags. I have been convinced to use cloth bags just because of these Soul Tote bags. These will prove to be super handy, be it to carry them along your evening walks with the little one, or as your simple day bag. I use it as my grocery shopping bag, and trust me it can hold almost half of your monthly grocery stuff. Get two of these and bid bye bye to the hazardous plastic bags. These again can be washed and so no worry of carrying the muddy vegetables or greens.


These are very reasonably priced at Rs.275 and also they have a bundle pack with which you can buy 3 for just Rs.700 and save a total of Rs. 125.

Link:Click here

Guys do check their tote bags, they are worth buying.

Size comparison of Tote and Day bag :


Drawstring bags:

Link :Click here


They come in 3 different sizes and cost Rs.550. These are really useful to keep your clothes and toys sorted and prove to be super handy while travelling to segregate and pack stuff. I have a lot of them and almost all are in use. These are the same bags we get along with our Soul carriers, Drool pads and Soft soles. So we can reuse the bags our Soul products come in. Super eco-friendly no? That’s why I am in love with Soul products 🙂

Do you use any of soul bags? How do you use them, share your ideas below in the comments would love to hear from you all J If you do not use any, share which bag you would like to buy.

See you super soon in my next post 🙂

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