How to choose the first shoes for Baby and a review on Soft Soul

Hi all,

Our babies do not need any shoes until they start walking, buy some pretty socks to keep their tiny feet warm and you are good to go. The hunt for the right pair of shoes starts once your little one puts his first step. We cannot and should not go wrong in buying the correct type of shoes for the new walkers. As any normal, hard shoes can be deterrent to their new acquired skill. But we cannot even have them barefoot, as they might get hurt with something on the floor. Neither can we use socks, as they can slip. So the right pair of shoes is very essential for a baby once he starts walking.


A few points to keep in mind while buying footwear for babies who have just started walking:

  • Do not go for shoes which have hard soles, not only will these be painful for the little ones, they might even hinder their walking.
  • Check for the base of the sole, they should have good grip and not be slippery.
  • For new walkers, it is better to go for shoes made out of cloth.
  • Any height of heel in the shoes is a complete no. Please do not use shoes with heels for kids.
  • Go for shoes which can be put on easily.
  • Check and go for the correct sizes, even though babies grow out of if very soon.

One of such baby friendly shoes which I can recommend for the new walkers would be the Soft Soul from Soul.


I have this beautiful purple colored soft sole from them, you can find it here.

What I like about it?

  • They are completely made up of very breathable and soft fabrics perfect for the baby’s feet
  • They have special Sherpa insole which assure soft cushioning, giving the baby a feel of walking on soft fur 🙂 they are that comfortable, trust me.
  • They have enough padding to protect the baby’s feet against the floor.
  • The sole in these are made up of soft and pliable faux suede which grips and stretches well.
  • They are slip-on style, which make them ideal shoes for infants as they are easy to slip-on and have elastic for better fit.
  • These soft soles are recommended to be used only indoors or places like shopping malls. These cannot be used outdoors as they are made up of cloth and cannot give full protection against stones or other sharp things outdoors.

I have a couple of shoes made up of cloth, which I use for my baby when at home. This helps me keep her feet clean, warm and maintain the softness of the baby feet.

They have some gorgeous colors in their collection. Check them here. Do keep in mind to check their size chart to order the correct size for your baby.

Have a happy long weekend and see you back in a new month! 🙂

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