Role of babywearing in a nuclear family

Staying nuclear with kids without any help is challenging , add a baby to this setup and things look more daunting. When I decided to move back to my place in Pune with my then 2 months old , everyone in the family was worried about how would we manage a 5 year old and an infant all by ourselves. We didn’t even have any house help then ,for the initial few days. With husband working and Raisha having to start school, there were times when I had to multi task. Babies as little as Raiansh, who is 4 months old now , need to be carried often, they need the warmth of a hug and need to feel close to their caregivers. I don’t have the liberty of leaving other work and being with the baby whole time as I don’t have any elder or a help to take care of the baby.

My newborn carrier Eka from Soulslings has literally been a life saver here. There have been days where I have carried the baby around for hours , done regular laundry, fed my elder one, helped with her homework, had my food and even walked around the house for hours carrying him to sleep at nights.

I cannot and will never deprive my baby of his need to be carried and to be held, if not for a baby carrier I seriously have no clue how I would have achieved this.  Once I resume my job after my maternity leaves, I see myself carrying him and doing my work on the laptop and suddenly working with a baby too seems doable 🥰 thanks to the baby carrier.

Speaking of the carrier I have been recently loving, the Eka from Soulslings – it’s a no adjustment carrier, which can be used from newborn stage uptil 1 year of age.  I was already wearing my 1 month old in Anoona which is another carrier that can be used from birth to toddler hood  but it needs quite a lot of adjustments to fit a newborn. When I received Eka and having used Anoona before, I could instantly feel how comfortable Eka felt while carrying a newborn, my baby did not take any time to adjust to it and was comfortable in it from the first wear itself, not even exaggerating here. With how easy this tiny carrier is to wear , I tend to pick it more often and never miss taking it along whenever I step out, note that we don’t have a stroller for our baby yet, it’s only the carrier we use.

The longetivity of this carrier might be a con as it can be used only for an year and baby carriers are expensive, but the comfort and ease of use out weighs the con. If you have a newborn , I would highly recommend Soulslings Eka 🙂

Keep those little babies close using the ergonomic carriers from Soulslings 💕

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