10 awesome ideas to play with Megabloks

Megabloks are the most common first building blocks we buy for our kids. Toddlers start working on their fine motor skills through stacking the Megabloks, they mostly enjoy making and breaking the Megabloks tower. But did you know Megabloks could be used in so many different ways other than just stacking?

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Here are 10 different ideas I will share with you that would help you get the maximum use of this must have toy.

1. Grasping for babies

You can introduce Megabloks even to babies over 10 months, once they start grabbing things. These are chunky, not sharp and hence appropriate for babies. Apart from helping improve their grasping skills the babies will enjoy breaking the towers you make with these blocks.

2. Stacking

At around 12 months babies can start stacking, they might not be able to lock the blocks but will definitely be able to stack them one upon the other. Older toddlers will enjoy stacking and building towers.

3. Color/ Shape Matching and Sorting

Once they start recognizing colors, which happens around 18 months, these bright blocks can be used for color recognition and color sorting.

Color Matching and Sorting

The blocks can be used for shape matching and sorting as well.

Shape Matching and Sorting


Megabloks can be turned into puzzles using some printouts or by simply drawing patterns and sticking them on the blocks. They can be easily used as a child’s first two piece puzzle and for older children we can use the blocks to make multiple piece puzzles.



Printables credits:    fromabcstoacts

5. Counting and Sequencing

Megabloks can be used for counting and number sequencing.


6. Building blocks

This is what they are primarily made for, as a child’s first building blocks. Your child’s imagination can flow and he can create amazing creations through Megabloks.


7. Pretend play

My toddler uses these blocks for free play and as pretend food. The most common thing she pretends it to be is cake. So let your child’s imagination flow with these blocks and use them at their will.

8. Alphabet matching and phonics

These can be really good matching tools for Alphabets and to learn their sounds.


They can also be used for alphabet sequencing or to play the missing alphabet games.


9. Addition

This is my new found love with Megabloks. As the blocks are symmetric in sizes, they can be conveniently used for simple addition with preschoolers. They can be used just like the counting rods in Montessori.

10. Aiming

For gross motor practice these Megabloks stacks can be used as targets, give a ball and ask your little one to aim and put down the tower. It’s so much fun seeing the blocks tumble down.


I hope these ideas were helpful 😄 do let me know in the comments if you have more ideas ❤


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