Review on Bumpadum Cloth Diapers


I have been exclusively cloth diapering since my baby turned 3 months old. For the initial 2 months of my cloth diapering journey, I was just trying out different brands, different types and understanding what suited us the best. During that search, I came across the brand Bumpadum. What attracted me most to the brand was the way their diapers are designed. Bumpadum has a very unique side snapping which I have not seen in any other Indian brands. Check their products here


Bumpadum has a variety of different cloth diapers in both newborn and one size. I have tried their All In One diapers. Bumpadum has 2 types of All In one diapers -Aviva and Duet. I have tried both of these in One-Size. One size diapers will fit babies from 3 months to 3 years.

Read my review on these.

Duet Stay-Dry Diapers:

Micro fleece lined shell

This is an All In One diaper with detachable inserts and covers. The cover has an absorbent layer in itself topped with micro fleece to give a stay dry feel. Inserts are customisable. Each part of the insert is made of two layers of hemp fleece and two layers of cotton terry and topped with stay dry micro fleece. So in total there are 8 layers of absorbency in the inserts and one additional layer of absorbency in the shell. Bumpadum provides two types of inserts for duet.

Infant insert comes with two separate inserts which can be snapped together. You can customize the absorbency using these inserts: for a younger child, only one insert can be snapped into the stay dry cover. To increase absorbency use both the inserts. I have never used duet with single insert. I use duet for day time or travel. It lasts well for 4 hours for my heavy wetter.

Toddler insert is a longer insert, which is recommended for kids above 2 years or for night time use. I have used this for outings and lasts well for 4 hours. I did not really find any difference in both infant and toddler insert other than customization. I prefer toddler insert as I personally feel it is a little bit more convenient to use.

The stay dry layer of Bumpadum Duet is really very good and baby does not feel any wetness. I would recommend duet for babies who are sensitive to wetness.


  • The stay dry layer is very useful for babies who are sensitive to wetness.
  • Will last well over 4 hours for day time use.


  • Duet can get messy to clean when pooped on

Link to buy Duet : Click Here



This is a 100% organic cotton diaper. The inserts are 100% cotton and the water proof shell is also lined with cotton. The cover is water proof but it is not stay dry and baby will feel the wetness. Aviva takes 5 to 6 washes to gain it full absorbency and can last up-to 4 hours by itself. Aviva gives the trimmest fit. Bumpadum has these fleece liners ( check here) which can be used with Aviva to make it stay dry and comfortable for baby.  I use Aviva for my night time usage along with a hemp booster and a micro Suede cover as I do not own fleece liners from Bumpadum.

Night time Solution : Aviva with hemp booster and micro suede stay dry cover


  • Gives the trimmest fit.
  • 100% organic, safest for the baby.
  • Best night time diaper when used with a hemp booster.
  • Easier to rinse off poop.


  • No stay dry layer can irritate the baby.
  • As it is cotton, it needs to be cared properly.

Link to buy Aviva : Click here

Left : Aviva insert ; Right : Duet toddler insert

Overall I prefer Aviva over Duets. Duets even with toddler inserts did not last whole night for us, so my recommendation for night time would be an aviva with micro suede /fleece liner and hemp insert. Duets can be good option for outings and need to be changed every 4 hours. Cotton if not cared right can catch molds, so I wont recommend aviva for travels, as the used diaper which remains in the wet bag for long hours might catch mold. Although, I have not faced any issues of Bumpadum Aviva catching any mold.

Outfits with Lovely Bumpadum prints

Bumpadum has some amazing prints and you are allowed to pick covers and inserts separately. So if you think you have enough inserts, you can buy only your favorite covers. I being a sucker for good prints,  like this concept of buying only covers. You can even use aviva inserts with duet covers and vice versa. Side snapping can be little tricky to get the right fit initially, but once you get the hang of it, the diaper looks gorgeous on the bum.

Bumpadum diapers come wrapped in these beautiful velour wraps.

A special mention has to be done about their packaging, Bumpadum diapers come wrapped in these beautiful velour wraps of different colors, which can be used as napkins, wipes or hand towels. Bumpadum uses no plastic for packaging and is truly environment friendly. I really love their packaging 🙂

Wash and Care:

Below are the steps to be followed :

  1. After pee or poop, rinse off the diaper in cold water and hang on a bucket.
  2. Prewash the diapers in 1/4th of the actual detergent.
  3. Main wash with adequate amout of detergent, high water level and heavy cycle.
  4. Line dry under the sun.

Points to be taken care of :

  • Wash the used diapers at least every alternate day.
  • Plain surf or tide plus is the recommended detergent.
  • Do not use bleach or any other fabric softner.
  • Always rinse the diaper once off the bum.
  • I do not pre-wash the diapers, as my machine has no pre-wash cycle and I directly do the main wash. But it is recommended by Bumpadum to pre-wash the diapers for them to last longer.
  • Once in a month I do a hot water wash, to remove detergent build up if any.

Following this above routine, my duets last well for 4 hours and aviva with hemp booster last overnight.

I hope this review was helpful, don’t forget to leave your inputs.


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    1. Hi Swathi, the baby can be uncomfortable if the place is very hot, but we don’t use diapers 24×7 and diaper free time is recommended even when using disposables, how old is the child? You can use fitted diapers incase you cannot keep the baby diaper free all the time, they are 100% breathable but are not waterproof, they can easily hold 3 to 4 peess


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