Zoomin Easy Book – Review

Hi my lovely readers,

Let’s talk about photos, after all that is why I have been popular among my family for years 😛 . Earlier it was about me getting clicked and now after motherhood its about getting thousands of photos clicked of the little one.

Do you have this tradition of showing your family album to relatives when they come visiting or checking theirs when you visit them? We sure have it in our family and that is the most beautiful way of reliving and bonding over old memories. Albums are definitely a conversation starter in our family and even I love to go through every old/new album whenever I visit my family. Family albums are like family treasures, don’t you agree?

Zoomin, an online photo service has this concept of  easy books on similar lines of albums. These easy books are the modern and beautiful addition to our personal album
collection and they also make meaningful gifts for weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. They have various themes to suit every occasion.


For this wedding season they have come up with this new theme cover and I was sent one for review. I chose to have best photos of Raisha, starting from her birth for this easy book themed as  ‘New Beginning’. I had already curated a folder of her pictures which I wanted to get printed and thus decided to go for this Easy Book. So far, everyone who has seen the easy book has loved the quality and the idea. Read on to know my experience.


My Zoomin experience:

Zoomin is not new to me, we have been using zoomin for printing all our photos and posters. My very first zoomin experience was with a photo book that was gifted to me by my then boyfriend , who is now my husband. I was very impressed by this gift and the quality of the product. After we got married, we had also got this huge collage of our travel photos printed with zoomin and we have had no complaints with their services.

Let’s talk about my experience of the easy book getting printed by Zoomin.

The process was quite simple where in you login to their website and navigate to the  Easy Book Link, choose the number of pages you want to get printed , select and upload the photos, choose a theme and preview the book. Once satisfied with the preview, order can be placed. You will have options to upgrade your book to a stylish Hardcover or opt for a Premium Paper finish, during checkout.

They have 3 different upgrade options. I chose the Hardcover Premium with thicker and more durable cover and luxurious Satin matte paper finish.


The final product we received felt very luxurious with matte finish pages and super durable and beautiful hardcover. The easy book was packed with utmost care and had butter paper separating each page to protect the print.


Overall our experience has been wonderful, the photos we sent them have been handed over to us in a beautiful book to be cherished forever.

Points to be taken care of while using Zoomin:

The process is really simple but with the below pre- requisites:

Photos need to be selected,edited and sorted in desired sequence before placing the order. Zoomin does not handle any editing or positioning, once the photos are confirmed. Photos will be printed as they have been uploaded, so uploading a bad quality photo will result in the print being bad.

My suggestions for improvement to Zoomin :

Photos cannot be re-positioned after uploading. This creates an inconvenience if one is not satisfied with the sequence after checking the preview. The whole process of uploading photos needs to be repeated again. A re-positioning feature added after preview could be very user friendly.

Also it would be helpful if Zoomin allowed the users to enter some text with every photo, the easy book would be more interesting that way, helping us to capture our feelings along with those memories. 🙂

Final thoughts:

As I mentioned earlier, I have been using Zoomin for a long time now and I have loved their products and would really recommend them for any of your photo printing requirements. They have a variety of services to offer other than easy book like photo books, posters, mugs, calendars, canvas prints, metal prints and so on. Do check them out at Zoomin 

You can definitely check them for various gifting options for anniversaries, birthdays , travel etc.


They have different prices for different products.

My 6×6 Hardcover Premium Photobook – 32 Pages Easy book is priced at Rs.579.

If you wish to place an order for this Easy Book, you can use my code ‘DISHA’ to avail 50% off. The code will be valid only till 31st Dec 2018.

Do let me know in comments what is your thoughts on this concept of photo books.


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